At Outreach In The Barrio, we rely on the generosity of individuals like you to help us coordinate community strategies to feed the unsheltered in the city of Houston. 

Giving Options

Hotshot (Street Feeding)

Join our weekly effort in serving the unsheltered twice a week (every Sunday & Tuesday night). 

Where to Give

All Countries Around the World

We’re all human’s on earth, and geopolitical zones don’t change that fact. You can help us feed the homeless in Houston, Texas, from wherever you are in the world. You can feed ten people for $10, click the donation button below.

Create a Local Fund

You can also create a local fund for our outreach in your community if our mission touches you. We and the beneficiaries of this mission will always be grateful to you and your efforts to see that the unsheltered are being fed in Houston, Texas.

Feed 10 People for $10

Where to Give

35 Countries Around the World

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Create a Local Fund

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With Cash

You can donate to our outreach with cash.

Your kind contribution with cash will help us feed the poor and homeless.

See how to reach us 🙏🏽.

By Check

You can donate to our outreach by check.

Your kind contribution by check will help us feed the poor and homeless.

See how to get your check to us 🙏🏽.

Give Online

You can donate to our outreach online.

Your kind contribution to us through PayPal will help us feed the poor and homeless.

Please click on the donation button above 🙏🏽.

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Popular Funds


Heated Ultra Pan Carrier® and Camcarts® Maintains safe, hot food temperatures and complies with HACCP standards. Gentle +150°F to +165°F heat. 45-minute preheat time and 3-minute temperature recovery. Removable 9′ cord. 120V. Models #250-608 and #250-652 are mobile units that include set of 5″ casters (two with brakes); #250-607 is stationary. • Polyethylene construction • Compartment door with nylon latch • Ergonomic, molded-in handles • Thick polyurethane foam insulation Cart units have a removable built-in thermometer on the door and a vent cap that equalizes pressure and releases steam. Carrier unit has a built-in digital thermometer on the door, on/off switch and power on and heat on indicators.


3X $679.6



Instead of tolerating the back pain that lugging around your pan carriers might cause, set the warmer on this Camdolly to quickly and painlessly transport it wherever it needs to go! Built for ease of use, the dolly is just what your catering company, banquet hall, hotel, or other foodservice business needs for streamlining the transport of your necessary, albeit heavy equipment.  We are seeking one camdolly to easily transport the hot boxes



Temperature Control Bags

This carrier is perfect for delivery, outdoor gatherings, or transportation to catered events. The top load design creates a broad area for quick loading and unloading of containers. Each carrier can hold up to five full-sized 2 1/2″ deep food pans, as well as a combination of different fractional-sized take out containers.

 We are seeking to purchase 6 temperature control bags for our volunteers to have to transport food to our base of operations.




WipesPlus Probe Wipe Sachet, Thermometer Sanitizing Wipes – 10/Case


 We are seeking for sanitizing wipes to clean our thermometer to avoid cross contamination



CaterGator 5 Gallon Red Insulated Beverage Dispenser


 We are seeking 2 CaterGator to keep our coffee and icetea at correct temperature.


2X $76.99


Nordic NI8 8 oz. 6 1/2″ x 4″ x 5/8″ Gel Cold Pack – 72/Case


Help us keep our cold food at its correct temperature by us adding Gel Cold Packs to our insulated temperature control bags



Ground Shipping Cost- $98.75

Grand Total- $2,607


Restaurant Depot Cambro Cost each  $795.73
May be order at the store if we have a membership

About Your Donations, Where & How They are used

We run many programs to help the “Barrios” (underserved communities) and unsheltered homeless individuals

Through these programs we were able to bring Relief such as Blankets, Sleeping Bags, Winter Gloves, Hand Warmers, Thermal Socks, Thermal Pants and Shirts, Jackets, Sweaters, Rain Panchos, Warm Food ETC.  

We embrace those going thru hardships and look for ways to bring immediate relief to hundreds of families. 

Outreach – In The Barrio (Neighborhood)

In this program, we provide the Barrios with:-

  • Fresh artisan bread
  • Fresh produce from the Houston Food Bank
  • Fresh Meat for Qurbani Distribution (Eid Al-Adha) in remembrance of the Prophet Abraham.

Frontline Crisis Relief

This program was dedicated to providing relief to those whose lives were severely hit by the Hurricane Harvey  2017.

Under this program, we were able to help over 400 families that were affected by the floods post-Harvey with emergency relief resources.

Homeless Engagement Initiative

Programs such as Outreach In The Barrio and Food Not Bombs that meet homeless individuals where they are, generally in public spaces, are paramount. Not only are people generally more comfortable accepting help, but they save time and energy, which they may use to address their other needs.


The Wire

In Collaboration with LNWF since April 2018, we encourage Restaurants to participate in order to avoid wasting food.  Our volunteers pick up after business hours and “Wire” foods- to those who are hungry.

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