Outreach In The Barrio

To provide revolutionary hospitality to those most often forgotten. We create sustainable programs to consistently serve humanity. Driven by radical love, compassion, and no judgement, We help families in the ‘Barrios’ underserved communities and unsheltered homeless individuals regardless of religion, race, color, or circumstance.
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Volunteer Program

We are Houstonians coming together for the greater good and collectively volunteer our time, energy and talents to those who need it the most. We create a safe, inclusive and non judgmental zone and invite all to participate.

Sponsor Program

We know that we can not save the world but we believe that together we can make this world a better place to live in. “If we save one person it’s as you have saved all humanity”. We encourage others to create systems such as OIB or whatever is best logistically and Outreach in their Barrios.


Charity Fund

We need to remain in compliance and we need your help to continue to feed hundreds of homeless brothers and sisters weekly.

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We create a safe, non-judgmental zone and create a platform inclusive for all to participate.

What We Do

Outreach in the Barrio is focused on alleviating adversities within our local homelessness and low-income communities. Restoring dignity, compassion,no judgment or discrimination. Create sustainable programs to consistently serve humanity. We have developed a 2 X weekly street feedings to our homeless neighbors in Downtown Houston, Texas. Providing full course healthy meals, water, hygiene packages, clothing, shoes, etc. As of March 27, 2018 Outreach in the Barrio has served over 18,000 + full course meals to our local homeless neighbors. They have also helped the people with 3,000+ hygiene packages, blankets during the winter cold, sleeping bags, umbrellas, rain ponchos, emergency blankets, etc.

Frontline Winter Relief

As the temperatures dropped, OIB went into immediate action, raising funds to purchase sleeping bags, winter gear, heavy blankets, boots, socks, etc. They physically would help vulnerable people get into a sleeping bag and cover from the arctic blasts. They continued to serve the displaced community with food, hot coffee and water every Sunday & Tuesday nights regardless of the freezing temperatures. This would be their second massive Caravan, helping the people with life surviving necessities. Through out the county many unsheltered homeless freeze to death. “This should not be happening in our Country. As long as The Almighty gives us opportunities to serve humanity, we will do our part as human beings.