Outreach In The Barrio

Outreach In The Barrio is a group of concern Houstonians all working together to assist those in need in our city. We’re committed to bringing support, hope, and resources to those facing significant life challenges.

 Outreach in the Barrio seeks to serve our underserved local communities, most often forgotten by providing significant and compassionate services without judgment.


How You Can Get Involved

Call (802) 465-1311 to Donate Or Contact Us to get Involved

Volunteer Program

We create a safe, non judgmental zone and create a platform inclusive for all to participate.

We are Houstonians coming together for the greater good and collectively volunteer our time, energy and talents to those who need it the most.

Sponsor Program

We know that we can not save the world but we believe that together we can make this world a better place to live in.  “If we save one person it’s as you have saved all humanity”.  We encourage others to create systems such as OIB or whatever is best logistically and Outreach in their Barrios.

Charity Fund

We need to remain in compliance and we need your help to continue to feed hundreds of homeless brothers and sisters weekly.

  Our Story

We’ve Come So Far Since 2017

With a desire to give back running in her blood, a Mexican American Muslim Convert uncovering the large scale of unmet needs of thousands of underserved communities in her own city.  Outreach In The Barrio started reaching out to the neighborhood (Barrio) where our Founder grew up.  She began to collect food, clothing, toys, household items, furniture, etc and not only did she start connecting them with resources but  also built trust and relationships with the beneficiaries. 

 As the heart and soul of this organization, Outreach In The Barrio’s team has grown exponentially to meet the ever-growing needs of our homeless problem in Houston, Texas. Through our focused programs and events, in a time frame of 17 months, we touched the lives of more than 18,000 unsheltered homeless in Houston, Texas.

From our humble beginnings in Houston, we have inspired others  in other cities to create a system to consistently serve humanity. We are tirelessly working to set the foundation for our future growth in Texas and beyond. We thank you for your support and hope you will continue with us on this journey.

 What We Do

 Outreach in the Barrio is focused on alleviating adversities within our local homelessness and low-income communities.  Restoring dignity, compassion, no judgment or discrimination.

  • Create sustainable programs to consistently serve humanity.
  • We have developed a 2 X weekly street feedings to our homeless neighbours in Downtown Houston, Texas. Providing full course healthy meals, water, hygiene packages, clothing, shoes, etc. As of March 27, 2018 Outreach in the Barrio has served over 18,000 +  full course meals to our local homeless neighbours.  They have also helped the people with 3,000+ hygiene packages, blankets during the winter cold, sleeping bags, umbrellas, rain panchos, emergency blankets, etc.
  • Inspire others to take action:  We consistently serve whole-heartedly, are dedicated to the mission and encourage others to take action within their own local barrios to help alleviate the human suffering across the nation. – 

 As of March of 2017, they have delivered resources to underserved communities with basic human necessities such as food, clothing ranging all ages, furniture, toys, hygiene products, cleaning products, etc.  They provide fresh Artisan Bread every Saturday to different apartment complex though out Houston, Texas. 

Emergency Crisis Relief 

Going back to Post Harvey 2017.  Outreach In The Barrio created their very first Caravan.  Assisted 400+ families in a grassroot effort to bring relief for the people in underserved communities that were directly effected by the floods in Houston, Texas  with the collaboration of other local non profit & religious organizations we were able to connect emergency life surviving items, such as non perishable foods, powdered milk, baby food, baby cereal, diapers, baby wipes, clorox, hygiene items, water, etc.  

Frontline Winter Relief

As the temperatures dropped, OIB went into immediate action, raising funds to purchase sleeping bags, winter gear, heavy blankets, boots, socks, etc.  They physically would help vulnerable people get into a sleeping bag and cover from the arctic blasts.  They continued to serve the displaced community with food, hot coffee and water every Sunday & Tuesday nights regardless of the freezing temperatures. This would be their second massive Caravan, helping the people with life surviving neccessities.  Through out the county many unsheltered homeless freeze to death.  “This should not be happening in our Country.”  As long as The Almighty gives us opportunities to serve humanity, we will do our part as human beings. ” 



Ongoing Causes

 We created a sustainable system over 18 months ago whereby the grace of God been able to consistently feed unsheltered individuals every Sunday and Tuesday nights in Downtown Houston.  We feed from 150-300 people each night we serve.

We are looking for a donor or donors to help us with the expense to purchase.


Instead of tolerating the back pain that lugging around your pan carriers might cause, set the warmer on this Camdolly to quickly and painlessly transport it wherever it needs to go! Built for ease of use, the dolly is just what your catering company, banquet hall, hotel, or other foodservice business needs for streamlining the transport of your necessary, albeit heavy equipment.  We are seeking one camdolly to easily transport the hot boxes



Temperature Control Bags

This carrier is perfect for delivery, outdoor gatherings, or transportation to catered events. The top load design creates a broad area for quick loading and unloading of containers. Each carrier can hold up to five full-sized 2 1/2″ deep food pans, as well as a combination of different fractional-sized take out containers.

 We are seeking to purchase 6 temperature control bags for our volunteers to have to transport food to our base of operations.



WipesPlus Probe Wipe Sachet, Thermometer Sanitizing Wipes – 10/Case

We are seeking for sanitizing wipes to clean our thermometer to avoid cross-contamination



Nordic NI8 8 oz. 6 1/2″ x 4″ x 5/8″ Gel Cold Pack – 72/Case

Help us keep our cold food at its correct temperature by us adding Gel Cold Packs to our insulated temperature control bags



Become a Volunteer Today

We create a safe, non-judgmental zone and create a platform inclusive for all to participate.

Join Now

We want to ensure the feedings continue with your help

We need to be in compliance and we need your help to continue to feed hundreds of homeless brothers and sisters weekly.

Helping the Homeless year round with Sustainable Programs. 

Recycle backpacks at the end of the school year with Outreach In The Barrio.  We will distribute back-backs to those less fortunate.  We distribute items to the Houston homeless community and travelers.

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