Outreach In The Barrio is a grassroots non profit organization serving the Greater Houston and surrounding areas.  Our Mission is to provide Revolutionary Hospitality to those “Most Often Forgotten”.  We serve the “Barrios” (underserved communities) and unsheltered homeless individuals providing resources and hand deliver with love, compassion or rather display empathy and with absolute non-judgement.  We are only an instrument of good and servants of “The Almighty”  connecting resources where they would otherwise not been able to obtain.

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth”-Mohammed Ali

“Our Dawah is Our Action” – Outreach In The Barrio

“Don’t raise your level of living raise your level of giving.” – Outreach In The Barrio

Outreach – In The Barrio (Neighborhood)

Serving low-income communities since March of 2017 in a grassroots level.  We have established relationships with management and coordinate accordingly with hundreds of families who are in need.

 We provide hand-deliver resources such as

  • fresh artisan bread
  • fresh produce from the Houston Food Bank
  • Fresh Meat for Qurbani Distribution (Eid Al-Adha) in remembrance of the Prophet Abraham.


While having an opportunity to know one another and organically connect while showing Mercy to humanity regardless of religion, ethnicity, nationality or circumstances.  We embrace those going thru hardships and look for ways to bring immediate relief to hundreds of families. 


In-Kind Donations

such as clothes, shoes, toys, household items and have a waiting list of people who are in need of furniture.

  • We have furnished over a dozen apartments giving dignity to underserved families.
  • Haircuts for children returning to school
  • School Supplies to underprivileged children


We continue to return to the Barrios while implementing new programs to bring significance to those who need a helping hand.

Frontline Winter Relief

Post Harvey-

We all remember the damage that Hurricane Harvey caused in  2017.  With the help of Maryam & Al-Sabireen Masjid (Houston Food Bank Coordinators) we created a CARAVAN.  We were able to help over 400 families that were affected by the floods post Harvey with emergency relief resources.

We received donations from several Organizations and wired it to those on the ground.  Some of the Organizations that collaborated with us was;


IslamInSpanish Centro Islamico – Storage

Maryam Islamic Masjid – Resources and ManPower

Al-Sabireen Masjid – Resources and ManPower

Hamza Masjid- coordinator Bibi Khan  – Resources

Dur Al Salaam in Sugarland – Resources

Building Blocks of New Jersey – Pallets of Water and Bleach

Frontline Winter Relief

In the Winter of 2018 our Team created an Emergency Response- Frontline Winter Relief Caravan.


With the help from people from all over the World, we managed to raise funds on FB and collectively we were able to bring Relief such as Blankets, Sleeping Bags, Winter Gloves, Hand Warmers, Thermal Socks, Thermal Pants and Shirts, Jackets, Sweaters, Rain Panchos ETC.  We could have possibly saved many lives since we are aware of people dying from the winter cold.  In the Winter of 2019, we heard of 1 person pass away due  to the freezing cold.  Our condolences are to those who have lost a loved one from a tragedy such as this.

Homeless Engagement Initiative

When people experiencing homelessness can depend on consistent, reliable food-sharing programs, they can at least be sure that their most basic need will be met. Too often, it can be a full-time job keeping track of where and when these programs are available. It is a huge physical and emotional strain to walk the long distances between these programs, with hopes of not missing the narrow window available to receive a meal. Programs such as Outreach In The Barrio and Food Not Bombs that meet homeless individuals where they are, generally in public spaces, are paramount. Not only are people generally more comfortable accepting help, but they save time and energy, which they may use to address their other needs.

“The Wire”

In Collaboration with LNWF since April 2018, we encourage Restaurants to participate in order to avoid wasting food.  Our volunteers pick up after business hours and “Wire” foods- to those who are hungry.

We meet at 415 San Jacinto St. in the Bail Bonds Parking Lot every Sunday and Tuesday nights.

We then assemble food and get ready for distribution.

We have conducted Street Feedings since 4/10/2018.  In a matter of a year we have been able to distribute nearly 13,000 meals to those displaced thru out Downtown Houston, Texas.


 We Serve those who are homeless CONSISTENTLY EVERY SUNDAY & TUESDAY NIGHTS.

 We have created a sustainable program and have managed be resourceful system that allows us to consistently serve.  


Means to Distribute resources such as food, water, refresher drinks, coffee and hygiene items, etc.

In April 2018, Outreach In The Barrio mapped out Downtown Houston and arranged to be able to access a private property to assemble meals that is wired for our hotshot distribution. In addition we mapped out Downtown and know where our homeless friends reside in the streets.  Thanks to our TEAM we have made it easy for anyone else to fill in the gaps on days that need to be covered in Downtown Houston.  Please contact 

If you would like us to help you with a Street Feeding.  If you are in another city, feel free to contact us to help you setup a system for your Jurisdiction.

Youth “Wire & Hotshot”

An all Day Outreach program that consists of 2 phases, created for the Youth and families who are not able to serve in the Midnight “Hotshot”.  

Empowering the youth with servant leadership 


Youth Give Back-Backpack

Recycle backpacks at the end of the school year with Outreach In The Barrio.  We will distribute back-backs to those less fortunate.  We distribute items to the Houston homeless community and travelers.  


Cuts for Dignity

Building a coalition of barbers and stylists to provide their time and talents to those less fortunate.

 We have purchased our own Generator and sets of Clippers and Trimmers thanks to our collaboration with Mecericodia Para La Humanidad based in New Jersey.

We have set up 1-2 times per month to service those who could otherwise not afford a professional haircut.  We know that these small gestures can uplift a soul and put a smile on peoples faces.  We have witnessed the impact and will continue to implement this service with the help of our Houston Barbers and Stylists.  If you are interested to Participate, please feel free to contact us at 

“Restless Art Project”

The Heart of OIB is our Volunteers

We create a safe, non judgmental zone and create a platform inclusive for all to participate.

We are Houstonians coming together for the greater good and collectively volunteer our time, energy and talents to those who need it the most.

Our volunteers come from all over Houston and meet routinely to fulfill our mission.  Community Service hours are provided per request.

Empowering Others

We know that we can not save the world but we believe that together we can make this world a better place to live in.  “If we save one person it’s as you have saved all humanity”.  We encourage others to create systems such as OIB or whatever is best logistically and Outreach in their Barrios. Our main focus is to create sustainable programs that can be implemented consistently.  Consistency is the goal! By staying consistent in any small deed, you will be able to reap the reward from the seed that you plant and God willing see it in your lifetime.  The missionary work that one does consistently creates opportunities to organically connect with those you serve.  We have witnessed it with our work and we see it working for others who have also taken our approach. We are not hoarders of knowledge and encourage others while using Social Media Platforms.


Meet The Team

Monica “Noor” Morales

Founder/Program Director

A survivor of circumstance


Get in Touch. Get Involved.