We create sustainable programs to alleviate adversities by restoring dignity, driven by radical love, to do this through compassion and bringing support, hope, and resources to those facing significant life hardships, and challenges.
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We are Houstonians coming together for the greater good and collectively volunteer our time, energy and talents to those who need it the most. We create a safe, inclusive and non judgmental zone and invite all to participate.

Sponsor Program

We know that we can not save the world but we believe that together we can make this world a better place to live in. “If we save one person it’s as you have saved all humanity”. We encourage others to create systems such as OIB or whatever is best logistically and Outreach in their Barrios.

Charity Fund

We need to remain in compliance and we need your help to continue to feed hundreds of homeless brothers and sisters weekly.

Food Access Program

food services

  • Hotshots Mobile Street Feedings: every Sunday night, our volunteers pick up high quality hot food from various restaurants, assemble them into packages with water bottles, protein shakes, and nutritious snacks, then head out to distribute them to unsheltered homeless people before they sleep all across Downtown. Over the years, OIB has mapped out where our homeless friends reside in the streets, and we have had the privilege of serving familiar faces and new ones on a weekly basis. Since 2018, we have served over 100,000 hot meals to homeless people across Houston and surrounding areas. If you would like to join us, sign up here.
  • The Wire: to avoid wasting food, Outreach in the Barrio has created a system for restaurants who either want to give away their baked goods at the end of the night or to cook fresh meals for the sake of feeding the hungry. We have many restaurants in our network, including Popeyes, Subway and Kabob Korner, but we are always looking for more partners to join the Wire and cater to the Hotshots Mobile Street Feeding or to our other events. If you are interested in partnering on the Wire, please fill out this form (restaurant google forms sign up). We make sure to comply with all of Houston’s food safety rules and regulations, so please check with your county before signing up.

Papaya Program

inspired by a beneficiary who planted the seed from a papaya donated by OIB, this program caters to the mind, body and soul of the people

  • Sermon in the Streets: faith-based initiative where we host the Islamic Jummah prayer in a public park on the last Friday of every month. We invite a guest Imam to give the sermon, then we pray Jummah prayer and break bread with the homeless community, Muslim or not. For many homeless Muslim people, they do not have access to a mosque, so we brought the mosque to them. We also share our message of peace and invite anyone with a spiritual hunger ot learn what Muslims are all about. It is a beautiful event and we encourage everyone to join us! We started in December 2020, and have been growing ever since. We meet at the corner of Smith and McKinney St. To volunteer, sign up here.
  • The Women’s Project: a women’s-specific care-package project kickstarted during International Women’s Month 2021. Our packages include flashlights for safety, pepper spray, women’s underwear and bras, pads, pantiliners and tampons, feminine wipes, etc– all the things any woman, homeless or not, could possibly need. Please consider donating to this project, as it will be year round. For more information, head to our Facebook page or contact us at
  • Cuts for Dignity: a coalition of barbers and stylists come together to provide their time and talents to those less fortunate. Twice a year, we provide professional haircuts to those who could otherwise not afford it using our own generator and professional-grade clippers and trimmers donated to us by New Jersey’s Mecericodia Para La Humanidad. We also believe it is everyone’s right to look and feel clean, fresh and fly, plus, many of the individuals we serve are either employed or seeking employment, so a nice haircut certainly helps with appearance and self-confidence. We have witnessed the incredible impact that a simple haircut can provide, and we have seen huge smiles on the faces of our beneficiaries. If you are a barber or stylist interested in donating your services, please contact us at

Youth Program

bridging the gaps between youth who have and youth who need through leadership and services

    • Youth Hotshot: a program for youth and families who are not able to serve at our nighttime Hotshot Mobile Street Feeding; this is an all-day initiative that aims to empower youth through servant leadership and community engagement. If you are a school interested in hosting this program, please reach out to
    • Youth Give Back Backpack: to make the new school year easier for underserved youth, we’ve launched a recycling program for backpacks in good condition that we can distribute when school starts. We also provide school supplies and meals to celebrate Back-to-School time.

Ropes of Hope Program

Leadership, Community Engagement, Education Workshops, & Resource Building


    • Workshops: We provide education to other organizations and groups both locally and nationally who wish to serve the homeless; we teach proper etiquette & terminology, methods of engagement, community-building tactics, and skills to collaborate with other organizations to ensure gaps are being filled and the streets don’t get overly saturated. If you are interested in hosting us for a workshop, please contact
    • Furnishing In-Kind: we make it easy for individuals to donate clothes, shoes, toys, household items and furniture; we have a waiting list of people who are in need of these items and can coordinate pick-ups for convenience. We have furnished over a dozen apartments and provided families with basic needs through the Furnish In-Kind Project. If you would like to donate any material goods or are in need of such goods, please contact *Please note, we are not currently accepting large furniture at this time. If you are in need of any services, please fill out this google forms 

Emergency Crisis Relief

    • Winter Relief: when the winter season approaches, the homeless often freeze to death or close to it, and this should not be happening. Outreach in the Barrio sends its volunteers out into the streets despite the freezing temperatures to serve those in need and make sure they have all essentials to keep them warm, safe and alive. We collect & distribute blankets, sleeping bags, gloves, hand warmers, thermal socks, thermal pants and shirts, jackets, sweaters, rain ponchos, warm food, etc. during the winter months. To donate these kinds of goods, email us at, and look for volunteer distribution opportunities on our Facebook page. 
    • Emergency Relief: we started with Hurricane Harvey and have since then been around for any emergency that requires immediate relief. Most recently, Winterstorm Uri took the lives of homeless and made conditions in the streets unbearable, but Outreach in the Barrio came through and provided winter goods and hot soup to the hundreds of people in need. We are prepared to act during the hurricane season and any other disaster that may strike. You can always go to our Facebook page to learn about how you can help.


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