About Outreach In The Barrio

Outreach In The Barrio is a grassroots non-profit organization serving the Greater Houston and surrounding areas. 

We’re committed to bringing support, hope, and resources to those facing significant life challenges

Outreach in the Barrio seeks to serve our underserved local communities, most often forgotten by providing significant and compassionate services without judgment.


We are focused on alleviating adversities within our local homelessness and low-income communities.  Restoring dignity, compassion, no judgment or discrimination.

Providing” Revolutionary Hospitality” to those “Most Often Forgotten”. We create sustainable programs to consistently serve humanity.

We serve the “Barrios” (underserved communities) and unsheltered homeless individuals. Homeless initiative; We provide resources such as (food, water, coffee, ice tea, clothes, shoes, hygiene items, blankets, sleeping bags, etc.) and hand deliver with love, compassion or rather display empathy and with absolute non-judgment.

In The Barrio- We furnish homes to underserved families and provide resources such as (food, clothes, shoes, household items, toys, etc.)

We are only an instrument of good and servants of “The Almighty” connecting resources where they would otherwise not been able to obtain.

Outreach In The Barrio has served the Houston Community consistently since 2017 and still going strong~Houston STRONG!

Our Mission

Outreach In The Barrio is a grassroots non-profit organization serving the Greater Houston and surrounding areas. Our Mission is to provide” Revolutionary Hospitality” to those “Most Often Forgotten”.

Our Vision

Create awareness and action so that the homeless in our cities don’t go to sleep hungry, and to assist with kindness and dignity.

Our Story

How We Got Started

With a desire to give back running in her blood, a Mexican American Muslim Convert small group of the University of Houston students came together in 2006 to work on a community service project. What they discovered was the spark that ignited their growing passion to serving resettled refugees. Uncovering the large scale of unmet needs of thousands of resettled refugees in their own city, they began to collect food, clothing, furniture and even funds for distribution.

Where We Are Now

With our mentoring and guidance, on November 4, 2018, a Non Profit Organization based in Chicago Illinois initiated a program like ours called Neighborly Deeds and is now serving the homeless on a weekly basis while having the participating donors avoid WASTING FOOD. We also have a group of concerned citizens of Dallas, Texas who we are currently looking into implementing our system and we look forward in collaborating in this region.

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We create a safe, non-judgmental zone and create a platform inclusive for all to participate.

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Serving the Forgotten Since 2017

Hot Plates Served



We’ve Served over 13,000 hot Meals to Help Homeless in Houston Texas

We started with a concern, now we have created a process to continue to give a helping hand for humanity. We serve those displaced in our City (HOUSTON, TEXAS) Downtown, EVERY Sunday and Tuesday Nights’. We have served consistently for one year as of 4/10/2019. We have fed nearly 13,000 unsheltered homeless with the collaboration, love, and support from “Let’s Not Waste Food” and others who have donated. We not only bring immediate relief to those “Most Often Forgotten” rather we have been able to organically connect, build relationships and trust with those we serve. It has definitely been a humbling human experience. Subscribe to our channel, give us thumbs up and share our videos.

Outreach - In The Barrio (Neighborhood)

Serving low-income communities since March of 2017 in a grassroots level.  We have established relationships with management and coordinate accordingly with hundreds of families who are in need.  

 We provide hand deliver resources such as

  • fresh artisan bread
  • fresh produce from the Houston Food Bank

Fresh Meat for Qurbani Distribution (Eid Al-Adha) in remembrance of the Prophet Abraham.


We all remember the damage that Hurricane Harvey caused in  2017.  With the help of Maryam & Al-Sabireen Masjid (Houston Food Bank Coordinators) we created a CARAVAN.  We were able to help over 400 families that were affected by the floods post Harvey with emergency relief resources.

Frontline Winter Relief

With the help from people from all over the World, we managed to raise funds on FB and collectively we were able to bring Relief such as Blankets, Sleeping Bags, Winter Gloves, Hand Warmers, Thermal Socks, Thermal Pants and Shirts, Jackets, Sweaters, Rain Panchos ETC.  We could have possibly saved many lives since we are aware of people dying from the winter cold.

Homeless Engagement Initiative

When people experiencing homelessness can depend on consistent, reliable food-sharing programs, they can at least be sure that their most basic need will be met. Too often, it can be a full-time job keeping track of where and when these programs are available.

The Wire

In Collaboration with LNWF since April 2018, we encourage Restaurants to participate in order to avoid wasting food.  Our volunteers pick up after business hours and “Wire” foods- to those who are hungry.

We meet at 415 San Jacinto St. in the Bail Bonds Parking Lot every Sunday and Tuesday nights.

We then assemble food and get ready for distribution.


In April 2018, Outreach In The Barrio mapped out Downtown Houston and arranged to be able to access a private property to assemble meals that is wired for our hotshot distribution. In addition we mapped out Downtown and know where our homeless friends reside in the streets.  

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